How to start solo travelling!

This article is for the travellers who want to explore this beautiful world by themselves. Come on start and chase your passion!

Pratima Yayavar

8/20/20231 min read

If you want to start solo travelling but you are afraid of taking first step than follow these tips:

1. First start with any nearby place, you can plan a daylong trip.

2. There are many travellers groups on social media, you can join them and take knowledge about places, fooding and lodging.

3. You must inquire well about the place before you leave from home.

4. Do not forget to share your travel plan details to your family or any reliable friend, keep in touch with them during your journey.

5. Prefer traveller's hostel than hotels. Now a days there are many hostels at famous tourists places you can search online. hostels have dormitories and single rooms both, you can choose according your budget and choice. You can find many friends in the hostels to explore with.

6. you must check the reviews of the stay you are booking. Explore online and book for one or two nights only, extend your stay after reaching your destination.

7. Make sure to have your valid ID proof and driving licence with you. At many places you can hire two wheelers and explore whole day that'swhy you need driving licence.

8.Specially for female travellers: Always return to your hotel or hostel timely in the evening. Do not trust too much on anyone.

9.At the end this world is a beautiful place with beautiful people so enjoy your journey! safety is needed but don't forget to enjoy and explore!! In India Sikkim, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Goa etc states are quite safe to start solo travelling. At the beginning you should choose the famous places because famous places are more tourists friendly.